Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cela sonne familier ? Familièrement exaspérante !

Does this ring a bell ?

This is pretty much a rip-off from our previous scores - listen and watch our previous videos, and take a look at this. Firstly, the parts were exactly the same, albeit with some off-key moments. Secondly, this is copyrighted property.

We know the school involved, and where you guys are. Now, we don't know who transcribed our score (particularly when it was the hard work of three people in the choir), and I, having some legal knowledge, will not hesitate to act upon the situation. Our trainer's furious with you guys, and so am I. If you fail to act upon it, mark my words, your school will be called up. And this is not a threat. This is a warning.

P.S. Guys, think we need to license all our works with Creative Commons licences now ?


  1. We definitely should darling. I was there during d finals n god! I felt like jumping off my chair n strangling those people

  2. Thank goodness you were there ! And yes, the site is protected now. I'm gonna consult a lawyer friend and see if I can take further measures to copyright our works. I'm gonna be as strict as Edgar Rice Burroughs.

    Tell me, how did they do in the recent comps ? Jojo told me that there was one on.... Thursday if I'm not mistaken...


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