Saturday, June 28, 2008

The moment of truth

The girls were unknown, and their purple outfits made them infamous. They were sniggered at by people, laughed at by the reigning teams, and kept on flunking at the preliminary round.

Dressed as KLCC toilet cleaners, they made their debut in the semifinals and for the first time in eight years, advanced to the finals. Securing first place in the KL Finals, they brought the reigning teams to shame. They went on to the National Finals in Negri Sembilan but only got sixth place.

With a new Sister Act act in place, the same choirgirls went to the Malaysian Tourism Centre Hall and became champions in the state - again. They became the in-group replacing the cheerleading teams (way overrated !) and lauched several projects - Bukit Idol, the Grease musical and the breathtaking Jalur Gemilang in the Independence Day Congress. It was then that they named the team Ressonnant, a corruption of the French word "résonnant" meaning "resonating". They went on to the National Finals in Terengganu but only got fifth place, thus being denied of a prize.

Early semis, early finals and early Nationals describe 2008. With a new line-up of choirgirls, we geared up for the National Finals in Ipoh on the 26th of June. And now, readers and Ressonnant fans, take delight in this message, as we say it loud and clear :

Presenting Ressonnant, now the #1 choir in Malaysia !

We are overjoyed ! After practising, taking a tour around Lumut, entering the competition and winning it, we are returning to Kuala Lumpur ! And I hope the KL Tower is decked in purple again (just as it was last year).

Special thanks to our teacher advisors for being with us, to Ms Joaan for believing in us since 2004, to Rebecca Ong for her playing, to Celyn Ng for getting the students in perfect pitch and timing, and for arranging the scores (oh, and that breathtaking Jalur Gemilang !), to all Ressonnant members for the training, the sacrifice and the sweat ; to our alumni for being there with us in spirit and prayer, to our parents for giving us the drive to carry on, and to all students and teachers of Convent Bukit Nanas for supporting us right to the end.

Our 2008 sucess story may seem like a Cinderella story. But well, we made it because we believed, because we worked hard... and because YOU believed.

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