Friday, July 4, 2008

Recordings from 2008

There are only low quality recordings ; but as you watch these videos, I want you to listen CAREFULLY to the harmony. Oh, and do note the funny things we did in the National Finals. :-) Enjoy !

The first vid was taken during our school's Awards Day (with the theme "Reaching for the Stars" - a fitting theme for 2008 !) and the second vid is the one at the National Finals in Ipoh.

For those of you who have not logged on to Ressonnant Inc. for quite a while already, check out the outfit revamp. We used to have assymmetrical blouses and long purple skirts, but this time we did away with these, and we got into pants and vests.

Ah, 'twas a performance which not only blew the judges' minds away, but the minds of many viewers too. Come and share in our glorious moment, it's time to celebrate !!

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